I am a Munich based Designer & 3D Artist with over 5 years of professional experience working with various studios and clients all over the world, specialising in high end CGI.

Working as a freelancer I have a particular focus on shading/lighting/rendering as well as look development. I work with Cinema4D, Houdini, Redshift, Octane, Adobe CC and DaVinci Resolve/Fusion.

If you have any exciting projects that need help, be sure to contact me via Mail.

Agencies I worked with include:
Aixsponza, PrettyDamnSweet, UberEck, SMAL, bürobewegt, Elbkapitäne, UnitedSenses, HvD Fonts and many more.

Clients include (non exhaustive list): Nike, Red Bull, BMW MINI, Adobe, Zeiss Deutschland, Elgato, Ergobaby.
During the last years I was fortunate enough to get myself as well as projects I was a part of featured on several online galleries and magazines, they include:

Adobe Live
Stash Media Feature
Behance Gallery Features
CG Lounge Interview
Creators Supply Highlight

 among other features on Archillect, Motion Design Community, xuexue, Promax and more.

In early 2021 I had the honour to get invited by the University of Applied Sciences H-BRS for a small virtual guest talk which was an opportunity I really enjoyed and would love to explore more of in the future.