As a part of the third semester motion design course at HS Augsburg we created a trailer for our inhouse kunstOff event. The event itself is about watching movies together and discussing them after. The unique twist is the audience forming different groups to go in depth about certain topics. After exchanging their thoughts in groups every group presents their result.
Production Time: 2 weeks without rendering
Rendered on a single NVidia GTX 1070
Tools: Cinema4D, Houdini, Redshift, Adobe CC
Modelling: Maximilian Schwugier
Houdini Simulation: Yannik Wenk
Cinema4D Simulation: Yannik Wenk & Maximilian Schwugier
Shading/Rendering: Yannik Wenk
Lighting: Yannik Wenk & Maximilian Schwugier
Post Production: Yannik Wenk
Cut: Yannik Wenk & Tara Winkelmann
Music: Joe Ford - Moving On
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