I'm a 21 y/o non-award winning 3D Artist and Designer from Munich currently studying Interactive Media in Augsburg, Germany.
When I'm not nerding out in front of a computer screen I like to do photography (both analog and digital), read books and watch stupid tv shows.
Agencies: AixsponzaUberEck & büro bewegt. Currently focusing on my studies and looking out for exciting opportunities.
Clients: Nike, Ravensburger, Oddset, Hymer and more.
Apart from client work I like to realize small personal practice projects, you can take a look at them under the "lab" section on my website.
If you want to work with me or just want to say hi drop me a mail to contact@yannikwenk.com.
Tools: C4D, Houdini, Octane, Redshift, Arnold, Corona, Adobe CC & various other small workflow tools.
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