I am a Munich based Designer & 3D Artist with over 5 years of professional experience working with various studios and clients all over the world.

Working as a freelancer I have a particular focus on shading/lighting/rendering as well as LookDev.
Besides 3D I am also passionate about photography, typography, fashion, books, investing and procedural everything.

Agencies: Aixsponza, UberEck, bürobewegt, Elbkapitäne, UnitedSenses, HvD Fonts and many more.
Clients include (non exhaustive list): Nike, Red Bull, Ravensburger, Oddset, Hymer, Ergobaby.

I'm currently busy at Aixsponza up until early february 2021 and will only be available for fulltime agency bookings after that.

If you have any exciting projects that need help, be sure to contact me via Mail.​​​​​​​
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