Being a part of the great team at Aixsponza working on the MINI Vison Urbanaut Vibe film (consisting of Paul Gröger, Dennis Tiege, Matthias Zabiegly and myself) I was mainly responsible for look development of the scenes taking place in the darker, more moody setting. After finding a look we and the client was happy with I followed through with shading, lighting and rendering for the close up of the wheel (Equalizer Wheel), the ending shot with switching objects (Paul Gröger did the camera work on this one) as well as the wall in the transitioning shot between the two worlds. I was responsible for all aspects except camera animations on these shots. Down below you can see the shots I was responsible for.

Design: Aixsponza, Munich, German
Creative Director: Christian Tyroller
Producer: Julian Fischer
Art Director: Dominik Högn, Christian Scheck, Dennis Tiege
3D Artists: Paul Gröger, Stefan Voigt, Yannik Wenk, Matthias Zabiegly
Illustrations: Paul Grabowski, Laila Petersen
Music / SFX: Michael Fakesch, designingsounds

Client: BMW Group, Munich, Germany
Head of Mini Design: Oliver Heilmer
Creative Direction: Uta Bodenstein, Julia Obermeier, Till Jenninger
Project Team: Hannes Ziesler, Nicole Prinz,
Raphael Jasinski
Head of Design Identity: Fabio Olivotti

DOP: Bartek Latosinski
Styling: Clara Reuter, Charlotte Roser
Hair & MakeUp: Arno Humer, Anja Wenger El Sawaf
Set Design & SFX: Andreas Walther
VFX Set-Supervision: Matthias Zabiegly
Skater Girl: Nicole Adamczyk
Oliver Heilmer: himself