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Yannik Wenk is a Berlin-based Designer specializing in Computer Generated Imagery and Art Direction. Since 2022, he mainly works across culture & commerce at someform Studio to build immersive and recognizable design systems for some of today’s biggest brands.
Apart from his day-to-day work, he has been guest lecturing at the University of Applied Sciences Augsburg, as well as public speaking at FMX and for Adobe Live. His work has been featured in numerous online publications.

IG: @yannikwenk
+49 (0) 151 40551034
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BMW Mini Vision Urbanaut

Being a part of the team at Aixsponza working on the MINI Vison Urbanaut Vibe film (consisting of Paul Gröger, Dennis Tiege, Matthias Zabiegly and myself) I was mainly responsible for look development of the scenes taking place in the darker, more moody setting.
I was responsible for all aspects on the shots you can see down below.